The key to a successful event is not just planning and attention to detail, but lies largely in promotion. We can easily compare events such as music festivals to a business – the best way to grow is through well-crafted marketing strategy.

Fortunately, you can cost-effectively promote your event by using social media. Here’s 5 best practices to make sure your content is effective and seen.

Hashtag It

The easiest way to promote and include social media in your event marketing strategy is to use a hashtag. You’ll need to put some thought into this. The hashtag you choose for the event needs to be unique, short, simple and catchy.

Try researching music festivals 2018, or something else depending on the event you’re organizing, and see what hashtags they used so you can avoid using the same thing.

The best approach is to use the festival’s name paired with some call-to-action verb. Use that hashtag whenever you post anything on social media and ask event-goers to use that hashtag too.

Don’t Wait, Act Now

A common mistake that many event organizers make is that they wait for that perfect time to start promoting their event on social media. They often wait too long to post updates on the event itself and risk missing their audience. Huge mistake!

The earlier you promote the event with a dedicated hashtag, the more people you will reach. This will also increase the number of visitors.

Try to post photos and regular updates during the event to intrigue more people and inspire them to visit before it’s over.

Photo Challenge

People love taking photos, and you can use that to your advantage for the event you’re throwing. A great way to promote the event on social media is to organize a photo challenge. You can do it both before and during the event.

For example, before the event, you can arrange a competition where people will post a photo on a given subject, maybe their music festival outfits, in order to win a particular prize.

During the event, you can arrange a similar competition. This will result in greater social media engagement, increased visibility, higher use of the hashtag, more visits, you name it.


Another excellent way to include social media into your event is to integrate the social content generated by the attendees as part of the event design with SocialWall.

This particular technology displays all the content that uses the event hashtag on a big screen, TVs, really anywhere you want. Sure, this will require more investment than the steps mentioned above, but it will ensure a better experience for your guests. Attendees will be thrilled to see their photos on the big screen, and it also inspires others to engage so they can see their own pictures on SocialWall as well.

Make Content Shareable

Sharing is caring! Promoting the event on social media or using these platforms during the festival itself is not just about posting photos, but creating unique content that people would want to share.

You can publish posts where you’ll educate attendees about the festivals, provide a music festival checklist and write about essentials they need to make their experience even more amazing.

More content shares lead to greater engagement, more audience and more significant attendance including a higher number of followers on your social media profiles.

In order to ensure your event is successful, you need to include social media in the process. Start by creating a unique and catchy hashtag that you’ll use all the time and inspire others to include in their posts as well. Engage the audience by making sharing fun, creating unique experiences and acknowledging their effort through competitions, SocialWall and other creative strategies.

Have some tips of your own? Be sure to share them in the comments!