“Creating something out of thin air is easy. It’s finding the air that’s hard.” -Asher Trotter

In the busy world we live in, sometimesit’s hard to stay inspired. When working in the field of visual communication, it’s important to have your mind filled and fueled with inspiring images, thoughts and sounds to keep the creativity rolling. We all know when the juices are flowing there is no stopping what we can accomplish and can even surprise the best of us with what we can put out.

Feel like you need a little inspirational boost? Well, you’re in luck. Sit back, turn on some good tunes and enjoy a collection of our current favorites.

Featured Artists: Atelier Olschinsky, Beeple, Ori ToorTamas Velociraptor HorvathDan OrtizMaan Alioffline samizdatXavier Esclusa M32Mike McKenney, Polygonatic, James BulloughFilip HodasStuz0rQuentin Deronzier and Ash White