It’s often hard for those outside of our industry to understand that some of the most difficult assignments creative types face are those for oneself. Over the years, TMRC has managed to at least keep the same logo and brand intact, however, we have taken certain liberties on some of our other materials. Our most recent and longest lasting business card design is the third iteration. As the size of TMRC grew, it was an important factor for us to keep brand integrity while allowing some breadth for individuality. After all, that is a large part of our company mantra.

We created the stylistic framework for the design and provided one bit of creative direction to each staff member: find an antique etching that says something about you and/or the role you occupy in the company. The cards are unique, but work together as a set. We love them. They often make us laugh and we continue to get positive feedback. If you want one, just fill out the contact us and we will send them to you!


Dandy court painter.

What more do you need to know? I like elaborate fancy clothes. I wear a lace ruff with matching socks (duh) nearly everyday. Although I do struggle with my hair. If anyone has a recommendation for an activator, please pass it on. I enjoy nothing more than standing back and admiring one’s work. Before my introduction to the digital (dark) arts, I was a classically trained painter (actually true). I long for the days when a wealthy, royal family will welcome me back into their home so I can fulfill my destiny.


The passionate artist.

Whether painting oil on canvas, or creating on a computer, the finished piece is a delicate balance of skill and technique. As a designer, I strive to make every project, large or small, look as best as it possibly can.

Bottom line, I like to make things look good.


One of the muses.

As the personification of the arts I am invoked by clients at the beginning of projects, and carry their thoughts, wishes and concerns, throughout the process, to TMRC staff. Floating gracefully through the office corridors with gowns swirling I inspire all to do their best.


Golden eagle ripping heart out of deer/hoofed mammal

I admire golden eagles. They are expert hunters and go after sizable prey with ferocity. They tear prey such as mountain goats from cliffs, but can also snatch birds off the wing and never frown at smaller meals such as hare. They employ at least seven different hunting attacks and few prey escape once contact is made.

This, I believe, serves as excellent motivation and inspiration. Plus they look pretty badass.


Jon Wesley Powell explores Glen Canyon about 100 years before Lake Powell was created in 1963.

When I was growing up, we had this picture hanging in one of our bathrooms. I first recognized it later in school when we were learning about western explorers. Jon Wesley Powell was one of the bravest explorers to ever live. During his expedition to explore the Colorado River in 1869, he discovered an incredibly beautiful canyon in which he and his crew called Glen Canyon. Just 100 years later, Glen Canyon became Lake Powell. Part of me wishes that I could explore Glen Canyon as it once was.

Exploration and conservation of the western United States have been driving forces in my creative identity. Inspired by stories told by Edward Abbey, my love for arid climates, desert landscapes, and exploration of these places has remained constant throughout my life. I can relate to the engraving of Jon Wesley Powell found on my cards through experience and desire. When I pull out a business card, I’m reminded of my philosophies on life and aspirations to explore.


Contemplative Artist.

As far as I can remember I have always been creating things. Whether it be a collage, a painting, crafting a big block of wood into something functional or as simple as drawing on a napkin at lunch to make sure that my idea is being put down for safe keeping.

Everyone has their own creative process and It’s important to sit back sometimes to think about the objective at hand and find some calm in an otherwise busy and chaotic world. This is where the engraving on my card comes into play. I really find that if you are able to take a step back you will be able to come up something truly amazing.


The intrepid explorer.

Released into the dangerous wilds to conquer new lands, Tom is often exploring foreign territories in the hopes of plating the TMRC flag. It’s a lonely existence out there, full of uncertainty. It’s like the cable show “Alone” only Tom is armed with a cell phone, business cards and laptop!


Bioko Island of Equatorial Guinea in the 1890s.

At first this image caught my eye based on personal interest alone. I’ve always been torn between the tropics and mountains. I was raised in Oregon yet spent many summers exploring the coasts of Kauai. Attending college in San Diego, living in Indonesia and now back to the hills in Colorado, I’ve got a soft spot for both sea and snow.

But after reading up on Bioko Island, a small dot on Africa’s west coast, it’s more fitting to my profession than one might guess. Due to the large number of ethnic groups that inhabit Bioko, a Creole language known as Pichi developed. The language is based off English grammar from when the British Navy was based on the island. As a writer by trade, I love the idea that this discreet African island still uses English grammar from hundreds of years ago. Long shot? Yes, but I’ll take it.