TMRC was created and is run by entrepreneurs. With every project, large or small, we set out to do something special. Above all else, we strive to deliver integrity and authenticity. Each member of The Collective is in the business of maximizing return on investment while portraying a sense of style that suits any brand.

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    Craft Breweries and User Experience
    Craft Breweries and User Experience
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    The Creative Method: The Science Behind the Unscientific
    The Creative Method: The Science Behind the Unscientific
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    Supported by TMRC e-blasts, search engine optimization, content marketing and social campaigns, online booking revenues at Stonebridge Condominiums yield positive gains ranging from 80.04% to 656% each month in year one.

    TMRC Difference

    TMRC is a comprehensive business development resource.

    We use a holistic approach to developing strategies unique to each client, identifying where, when, and how TMRC can be most effective in achieving the client’s objectives. Our wealth of creative expertise set us apart from other agencies, allowing for a comprehensive, executable strategy no matter the circumstances.

    Website – clear definition of purpose

    Websites today are more affordable than ever. Providing an easy to use interface, one that loads quickly and gets the user to the information they want quickly, is paramount. Your website is the hub of all of your digital activities and needs to deliver a seamless user experience. Our developers make sure that happens.


    Engage with 1.13 billion daily active users. The methods and tactics for reaching and growing your Facebook audience are practically endless. Developing a strong online community is paramount for a successful brand. Our digital marketing team will utilize a thorough tested method to build your audience.


    Instagram boasts the highest engagement rate among social media platforms. A respectable following on Instagram can solidify credibility for a new business. We’ve created a successful strategy to secure followers and high engagement. Let us show you how.

    Eblast campaign – Stay in touch

    72 percent of consumers prefer email as their main source of business communication. It’s a no-brainer way to stay in touch with your customers. TMRC’s data driven approach maximizes engagement and returns for any size list or industry. Using and building upon your current contact list, we’ll set up a campaign to stay in touch with your audience and acquire new customers.


    Your customers are seeing you in more places that you can imagine. Keeping your brand identity consistent, both in messaging and in graphics, is critical. Our award-winning designers will work with you to create branding you’re proud to share with the world.


    It’s not dead, it’s just evolving. Advertising is a time-tested way to build brand recognition. We’ll develop an ad strategy specific to your business which may utilize one or multiple types of advertising. Our team is well-versed in traditional print ads, banners, brochures, Google Adwords and social media advertising.

    Some friends we've made along the way think of us fondly.

    “We wanted to say how much we appreciate your abilities, style, and follow through. You have been very impactful for our business, and have been a joy to work with. You’ve made a difference for us. You are a rockstar in every positive sense of the word (but not all that druggie part of the word!!)”

    Dwayne Romero
    CEO, Romero Group

    “The Myers Roberts Collective has been essential to Challenge Aspen in reaching our marketing goals and creating our internationally known brand. With TMRC’s expert guidance, Challenge Aspen has the ability to professionally and effectively engage participants and supporters. Always professional and willing, TMRC has been vital to achieving the Challenge Aspen mission.”

    Houston Cowan
    Houston Cowan
    Former CEO, Challenge Aspen

    “TMRC produced a website that fit my brand vision better than I knew it could. Andrew and Kevin were very responsive to feedback and took the time to listen and learn about the company. The time they invested in learning allowed them to bring my vision to life in a badass website.”

    Brian O’Connell
    Owner, Renegade Brewing Company
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