The inspiration for 7908 draws from the breadth of tastes and styles that have come to represent the clientele, atmosphere, food, drink, music and overall experience of this world-class venue.  

At its essence, it is clean and sophisticated, yet comfortable and inviting. It is flexible enough to welcome a broad set of creative interpretations and styles. Yet any such execution must uphold the very highest, bespoke standard in every conceivable manner.

The audience and clientele for 7908 are as broad as the population of Aspen itself.  Young and old. Locals and tourists. From CEOs to ski instructors. Most importantly, 7908 is for those who wish to have fun. To each be catered to in the same manner, no matter the size of the bank account. It is for those who want to experience something memorable and enjoy life. It is a place to check your cares and inhibitions at the door and eat, drink and dance!